Rugby is a sport in which, amidst every ruck, maul and tackle, contact is not just a possibility – it’s inevitable. This is why protective gear is crucial in minimising injuries to all areas of the body, including the abdomen and shoulders, the teeth and gums, and arguably the most important area, the head.

Headguards, also known as scrum caps, skull caps and rugby hats, were originally designed for rugby forwards to wear during a scrum to not only protect their head, but to also protect ears from developing a condition known as ‘cauliflower ears’. Now, the headguard is widely worn by rugby players in all positions, to enhance safety during play.


Why wear a Rhino headguard?

No headguard on the market can promise to completely prevent all injuries, but Rhino’s headguards will significantly reduce superficial head injuries, providing a buffer against the toughest collisions. Designed to be impact resistant, Rhino’s precision-engineered headguards ensure maximum safety and protection. Our headguards and contact gear are used and trusted by professional and amateur rugby players, worldwide and are World Rugby Approved.


How to know what headguard to purchase?

If you would like an in-depth guide to purchasing the right headguard for you, you can view our Headguard Size Guide here.

Alternatively, here is our headguard size guide for both adult and junior sizes:


Junior headguard sizes
Adult headguard sizes



Rhino’s headguard line-up

Rhino’s range of headguards stands our for their dedication to safety, performance and style. All of our headguards come in both senior and junior sizes and are World Rugby Approved, meaning that they meet the highest safety standards and guidelines.

Here’s a closer look at our range:


The JB VII Headguard

This headguard is endorsed and used by James Botham, player for Cardiff and Wales Rugby. Featuring slightly larger ear holes for better hearing and communication during training, and an enhanced, fully adjustable chin strap for added comfort. Available in our first-ever vibrant red colour, this cap is ultra-lightweight with maximum protection.

JB VII Headguard 




The Rhino Pro Headguard

Our best-selling headguard, designed for maximum impact absorption. This headguard combines high-density foam with an impact resistant shell – ready for the most rigorous training sessions. This headguard is World Rugby Approved, and it’s sleek design means you have more mobility and maximum protection. Not only that, but we have 4 vibrant colours to choose from.

Pro Headguard



The Rhino Forcefield Headguard

This headguard is the ideal choice for those looking for maximum protection at an affordable price. Built with a durable, medium-density foam and a resilient outer shell for added protection, and it’s breathable for enhanced comfort. This sleek headguard is designed to minimise bulk and improve agility and mobility during training and matches. With an additional anti-microbial lining, you can stay fresher for longer even with prolonged use.

Forcefield Headguard



The Rhino Senator Headguard

Our Senator Headguard features a closed-cell foam design for maximum comfort and protection, and multiple air vent sections to keep your head cool during even the most rigorous sessions. Available in black, with fluorescent green detailing, this is one of our first and most-loved headguards.

Senator Headguard 

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