Introducing the Rhino Sherpa Robe, the modern-day bench coat. The bench coat is a staple in athletic wear, initially created as a weather-resistant jacket to keep athletes warm whilst on the bench.

Designed to offer an elevated level of warmth, weather-resistance and comfort, the Rhino Sherpa Robe is the perfect modern-day bench coat for athletes of all levels and sports. Although our Sherpa Robe is perfect for players, coaches and fans watching on the side-lines, our robe extends beyond just the athletic field and is designed for everyone. We have combined functionality with style and comfort, making this your new go-to outdoor coat.

Bench coat or Sherpa Robe?

The traditional bench coat is designed to be long, insulated, and often weather-proof to keep athletes warm and ready while on the bench at a football or rugby match. Unlike the bench coat's typical, often straight-forward design, the Rhino Sherpa Robe offers elevated features for additional warmth and convenience. Its water-repellent technology provide protection against wind and rain, while the internal sherpa lining, known for its high-level insulation and softness, ensures that you are warm and comfortable in the coldest of conditions.

While a traditional bench coat is a functional jacket, ideal for athletes, the Sherpa Robe is designed with the additional intention of providing a comfortable, oversized fit that allows for changing out of wet or dirty sportswear - making it perfect for post and pre-training session or games.

Can I wear the Rhino Sherpa Robe as a coat?

Absolutely! The Rhino Sherpa Robe is a versatile all-weather coat. Its oversized design and weather-proof technology make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for comfort and protection during any outdoor activity.

What makes the Sherpa Robe a must-have?
  1. Weather resistant: With its shower-proof technology and windproof outer shell, our Sherpa Robe is your shield against the elements.
  2. Comfort and warmth: Our internal Sherpa lining is a game-changer, it’ll keep you warm and comfortable in even the most challenging weather, but with its oversized design you won’t feel stuffy or restricted.
  3. Versatile: Whether you’re on a long brisk walk, changing after a surf or outdoor swim, or watching your favourite match, our Sherpa Robe is ideal for all sport and outdoor activity enthusiasts.
  4. Colour range: Our Sherpa Robe is available in nine different colourways, including our brand-new two-toned design.
  5. Features: This coat features adjustable sleeves, two-way zip, two internal and two external fleece lined pockets.

Why is the Sherpa Robe a best-seller? 

The Sherpa Robe is made for everyone, whether you’re an athlete looking to stay warm before training, a swimmer looking for an effective changing robe, or simply someone who is looking for an all-purpose coat to take their dogs for a walk. With two external fleece lined pockets, and two internal pockets designed to keep your valuables safe, the Sherpa Robe is also extremely functional.

Rave reviews

Our Rhino Sherpa Robe has lots of 5-star reviews, you can read them on our product page here Customer feedback is highly valued at Rhino, we actively listen to customer experiences in order to improve our products and services, and invite all customers to leave authentic reviews on our website.

Below are just a few of our recent favourites.

“Cracking robe. I’m constantly wearing it. Great value for money”
- James, UK

"Super cosy coat - ideal for the side of a rugby pitch"
- Judith, UK

"Great quality, design and price"
- Andrei, UK



The Sherpa Robe is intentionally designed to be oversized, giving you the opportunity to comfortably change out of your wet or dirty sportswear within it. This design also ensures that you stay warm and dry during even the harshest weather conditions.

Although we recommend the Rhino Sherpa Robe post and pre-swim, surf or water sport, this robe is not designed for use in the water. We strongly advise wearing it in the water, as it could post a risk of drowning.

This is not a fitted jacket and the sizes will run large. 


Since introducing our original Sherpa Robe colours, we’ve extended the range to eye-catching colours, including our unique two-toned colourways.


Two toned



Rhino has a commitment to accessible quality, which is why our Sherpa Robe is priced between £69.95 and £89.95. Our Sherpa Robe stands out by offering superior comfort and features, at an extremely competitive price.

For the exact pricing of the Sherpa Robe you’ve got your eye on, including any potential promotions or discounts, you can visit the product directly HERE




Rhino Staff