Rhino is one of the world’s leading rugby and team sport brands, established in 1980 with a background in pioneering scrummaging machines. RHINO.DIRECT is the new home for team sport, bringing together the best Rhino products across all sports, into one place. Now you can shop everything from netball bibs, match rugby balls and protective junior equipment through to training kits for adults. We have also substantially updated our site, giving you the ability to shop with ease. Any feedback though is always appreciated - feel free to contact us.

What do you mean by ‘the home of team sports’?

Rhino now offer a much broader and ever increasing array of products, with a focus on team sports. With this increased collection we are able to offer a rich variety of quality products across all team sports, with a particular focus on rugby union, rugby league and netball. This also includes sportswear, accessories, balls, training equipment and official collections.

Why have you done this? 

Rhino prides itself on its product innovation, which has further established us as one of the premier rugby brands. Now we are establishing ourselves in new sports, applying what we've learnt from our pioneering rugby heritage; We feel it makes sense to bring our brand collections into one space. Previously these areas sat across multiple different sites, whereas now you can access everything through RHINO.DIRECT.

What does the change mean for me as a customer?

Now we can offer our customers more variety, convenience and hopefully a maximised shopping experience overall.

The website looks very different. Will I have trouble in navigating the website/my account?

We have dramatically improved our website navigation, so that you should have a more enjoyable shopping experience. We believe you will enjoy our new online experience, while exploring our new features and options. However, if you have any issues please feel free to contact us - we will do our best to assist.

If you had an account with either rhinorugby.com, rhinorugbyleague.co.uk or rhinonetball.com you can still login using these details on our new platform. All of your historical information is still saved, you will just need to login with your correct email address and change your password.

Please note we do not store any card details on RHINO.DIRECT.