Cardiff Rugby and Welsh international flanker James Botham explains why he’s designed a new headguard aimed at the new generation of rugby players.

Why did you decide to create the JB VII Headguard?
“I used to get really bad lacerations on the top of my eyes, and I wanted to protect myself from cauliflower ears. We’ve designed this headguard to stop all that from happening.”

How important is wearing a scrum cap? 
“You feel safer in the sense that you’ve got some added protection, particularly from lacerations and cauliflower ears. Wearing a headguard gives me confidence.

What makes this headguard unique? 
“We’ve spent a lot of time designing the chin strap, that’s massive. I used to always find I’d get a lot of rubbing on the chin no matter what scrum cap I wore, so we’ve made this one to stop that.

The ear holes have also been modified to ensure they’re in the right position. There used to be a time where I’d wear different scrum caps and I wouldn’t be able to hear properly, which can be very frustrating during a game.

Another thing we’ve done is make sure the headguard doesn't sit too high in order to protect the vulnerable area above the eyes where cuts can often occur. 

And why red?
“I’ve always worn red because I feel it gives you a lot of confidence, and of course it goes with my Wales kit. 

Was it important to launch both junior and senior?
“We wanted to target the younger generation. More and more people are wearing scrum caps, so we wanted to make sure kids have the same protection but making it comfortable as well, all for a reasonable price.” 

What has been the feedback so far?
“The feedback has been great. The boys have said how lightweight it is, with the chinstrap there’s no rubbing at all, and everybody’s said you can hear perfectly well.

Anything else?
“It’s by far the best scrum cap I’ve worn. 

The Rhino JB VII Junior Headguard is available for just £29.95 here

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