Rhino Forcefield Headguard

$26.00 $52.00

World Rugby Approved

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The Rhino Forcefield Headguard is our highly protective scrum cap, designed for rugby players who demand both safety and affordability. Specially crafted for rigorous training and competitive play, this scrum cap is engineered to endure the most demanding rugby sessions. It incorporates a durable, medium-density foam and a resilient outer shell, offering solid protection against head injuries.

This scrum cap maintains a sleek design that minimises bulk, enhancing agility and ensuring players can move freely and efficiently. It's an ideal selection for athletes striving for peak performance. Certified to meet essential safety standards and approved for rugby play, the Rhino Forcefield Headguard ensures reliable protection. It features adjustable straps for a personalised fit and a breathable, anti-microbial lining for sustained freshness and comfort during long training sessions.

Moreover, the Forcefield is designed for effortless cleaning and maintenance, making it a practical choice for athletes throughout the rugby season. Rhino head gear is always the best choice for athletes of all ages. This headguard is also available in Junior size, here.

Key features:
- Cost-effective protection: Ideal for rugby players seeking both safety and affordability.
- Durable: Engineered for intense training and competitive play. Features medium-density foam and a resilient outer shell for superior protection against head injuries.
- Sleek design: Minimises bulk to enhance player movement, efficiency and agility.
- Safety certified: Meets essential safety standards and approved for rugby play.
- Adjustable Straps: Ensures a comfortable and secure fit for all head sizes.
- Breathable: Our anti-microbial lining offers sustained freshness and comfort during prolonged use.
- Easy to clean: Designed for hassle-free maintenance throughout the rugby season.
- Suitable for all ages: Available in adult and junior sizes.