Rhino Ultimate Harness


The Rhino Ultimate Harness is an excellent addition to your workout gear for enhancing speed and endurance. Connect your harness to resistance equipment, such as the Rhino Speed Chute, to boost your stamina and take your training to the next level. Designed with adjustable straps, this harness ensures a perfect fit for any body type while providing additional support around your shoulders and waist.

Featuring comfortable foam padding, the Rhino Ultimate Harness is designed to maximise comfort during intense training sessions. This versatile harness allows you to push your limits while maintaining proper form and minimising the risk of injury.


- Ideal for improving speed, endurance, and stamina 

- Compatible with resistance equipment like the Rhino Speed Chute 

- Adjustable straps for a customised fit, suitable for various body types 

- Effective support around shoulders and waist for maximum comfort 

- Comfortable foam padding to enhance your training experience