Rhino Curve Hit Shield


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The innovative Rhino Curve Hit Shield is designed to promote optimal rugby tackle technique and enhance player performance. This innovative and unique curved design offers a defined sweet spot, enabling players to drive up, down, or straight while practicing tackling skills.

Crafted from premium moulded, high-density foam padding for additional protection, with a durable, dirt and water resistant PVC cover, the Rhino Curve Hit Shield is built to withstand the rigours of regular training sessions. 


- Unique curved design for effective rugby tackle training

- Durable and dirt-resistant PVC cover with triple-stitched handles for added strength

- Waterproof cover ensures excellent grip in all weather conditions

- Double strap system on the back for easy manoeuvrability during training


- Encourages proper rugby tackle technique with the curve design

- Offers excellent durability and resilience thanks to the high-quality materials and construction

- Allows for versatile training sessions in various weather conditions with its waterproof cover

- Provides secure grip and easy handling with the double strap system

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