Rhino Crash Mat Pro


Enhance your tackling technique safely with the new Rhino Crash Mat Pro. This crash mat is designed to facilitate certain aspects of your training sessions indoors, minimising the risk of injuries. This crash mat conveniently folds in half at the centre, allowing for easy storage and transport. By reducing the impact during tackling drills, these mats significantly decrease the chances of players getting injured. With improved safety measures, you can maximise your players' potential leading up to match day.

The PVC exterior, featuring the vibrant red and blue Rhino colours, is robust, long-lasting, and weatherproof, enabling year-round use.

Key Features:

- Ideal for tackling drills and player safety
- Enables safe indoor training sessions
- Convenient foldable design for optimal storage and transport
- Heavy-duty PVC outer layer for strength, durability, and weather resistance
- High-density foam interior


- 180cm x 180cm x 30cm (71in x 71in x 12in)


- 33kg (73lb)