Rhino Solo Powahouse Scrum Machine


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Please note: All Rhino Scrum Machines now come with the revolutionary new Adjustable Binding Arm position, replacing the older ‘Elephant Ear’ handles - as standard.

This is a brand-new binding system designed with modern scrummaging in mind. 

Developed for over a year in partnership with Bristol Bears scrum guru Mark Irish, this new feature allows props to tailor the handle positions to their arm length, creating the most realistic and safe scrum training experience on the market. 


The Rhino Solo Powahouse Scrum Machine is a cutting-edge, innovative training device specifically designed to elevate the performance of rugby scrum units. With the same exceptional features as the Rhino Solo Sled Scrum Machine, the Solo Powahouse boasts an additional unique design element: individually sprung heads. This groundbreaking system has been engineered by none other than Mike Cron, the renowned New Zealand Scrum Coach.

Measuring 1900mm (l) x 800mm (w) x 1200mm (h) and weighing 66kg, the Solo Powahouse Scrum Machine is robust and durable, ready to take on the most demanding training sessions. The adjustable scrum height, ranging from 38-83cm, offers versatility for various positions and players of different heights.

The Solo Powahouse Scrum Machine's innovative head/ram/spring system sets it apart from other scrum training tools. This unique design allows scrum units to maintain pressure after engagement, providing a more realistic and efficient training experience that closely mirrors in-game situations. The individually sprung heads also offer enhanced safety, comfort, and protection during practice.

Like the Rhino Solo Sled Scrum Machine, the Solo Powahouse comes equipped with international standard foam padding and removable scrum pads for easy storage. Additional weights can be added to increase resistance, enabling players and coaches to measure progress and push performance levels.

Endorsed by a world-renowned scrum coach and offering unparalleled design features, the Solo Powahouse Scrum Machine is set to become the top choice for those looking to achieve a competitive edge on the field.