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Silverback Harness

  • Designed to help develop, promote and maintain perfect posture under pressure.
  • The Silverback Harness is the perfect training tool to develop players, enabling them to resist and manage the pressures of the collision areas.
  • The harness can also be used to develop speed, power and horizontal and rotational force.
  • Please Note: Bungee Sold Separately 👉
  • See size guide below

Athletes and players as young as 10 years old can use the harness, as well as international elite players.

It will develop an understanding of what the required body shape looks and feels like when actively involved in many sports.

The innovation behind the harness came from the need to develop a better scrummaging technique. It has now been developed to benefit players of all ages, genders and, most importantly, all positions.

The Silverback Harness has also been used in the sporting fields of athletics, swimming and squash.

Please Note: Bungee Sold Separately 👉

Small Chest 28-38" midriff 30-38"

Medium Chest 34-44" Midriff 32-42"

Large Chest 40-54" Midriff 34-46"


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