Vortex Elite Pro Match Netball


This ball arrives deflated, ball pumps sold separately here

The Vortex Elite Pro Match Netball, Rhino's top-of-the-line match netball, meticulously crafted for consistent performance during every training session. 

The upper surface is composed from a blend of the finest natural and synthetic rubber, fortified with silica reinforcement technology. This innovative material combination ensures superior grip and remarkable durability, whilst introducing a state-of-the-art NANO grip pattern to provide superior handling.

This exceptional match ball delivers consistent performance whatever the weather, making it the perfect companion for any game or training session. Constructed with four layers of poly-cotton using multiplex technology, our netball is built to withstand the rigours of the most intense matches. This layered design ensures the ball retains its shape game after game.

Integrated with the most advanced Nitrile Bladder technology, this netball features an AIR LOCK system, providing exceptional air retention. This ensures the ball maintains its optimal pressure and performance for longer. Each Vortex Elite Netball is hand-stitched with 100% precision and skill, reflecting our commitment to superior craftsmanship and quality.

Quantity Price Each
X1 £29.95
X5 £24.95
X25 £19.95
X30 £20