Rhino Pro Lineout Hoop


The Rhino Pro Lineout Hoop is an essential training tool designed to elevate the precision and accuracy of a hooker's lineout throw. Available in two sizes: the Pro 50 features a 50cm hoop for regular practice, the Pro 30 is designed to challenge professional and elite players with a smaller 30cm hoop. The Pro 30 increases the difficulty of throwing the ball into the hoop, making it the perfect tool for those looking to improve their precision and accuracy during lineouts.

Featuring a height-adjustable pole that extends up to eight feet, the Rhino Pro Lineout Hoop allows you to customise your training sessions to suit your needs. With a built-in  lever ensuring easy release, made from fabricated steel to withstand even the most rigorous training sessions. 

Key Features:

- Durable fabricated steel handle for superior strength and reliability
- Available in Standard 50cm Hoop and smaller 30cm Hoop for tighter target practice
- Smaller hoop designed for professional and elite players to enhance accuracy
- Height-adjustable pole up to eight feet for personalised training sessions
- Built-in lever for easy release