Rhino Premiersled Scrum Machine


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The Rhino Premiersled is the unrivalled scrum machine, proudly manufactured in the UK. This top-quality machine has earned its reputation as the world's best-selling scrum machine, catering to the needs of all levels of play.

The Premiersled is an incredibly versatile machine that is suitable for men and women, as well as younger players who want to develop their technique on an adult machine. Its detachable vertical pads are designed to move independently, allowing them to absorb the initial hit of the scrum with ease. These pads are made with long-lasting foam that is covered in extremely durable PVC to ensure they can withstand the most intense scrumming sessions.

The machine's steel frame is sturdy, low maintenance, and provides exceptional stability, while the heavy tanalised timber skids ensure it stays in place during use. The solid platform has enough room for extra players, making it an ideal choice for teams of all sizes. Additionally, the safety handrail and steel binding loops are fitted as standard, ensuring the safety of all players during training.

The Rhino Premiersled has a scrummaging height of 46cm to 76cm, making it perfect for players of all sizes. Its dimensions of 2300mm (l) x 1210mm (w) x 900mm (h) make it large enough for players to practice their technique with ease, while its weight of approximately 440kg ensures that it remains stable during use.

In addition to its standard features, the Rhino Premiersled has optional extras available to make it even more versatile, including artificial skids, sandbags, mobility wheels, a cover, and binding pads. These extras make it easy to customise the machine to meet the specific needs of your team.

Dimensions: 2300mm x 1210mm
Height: 46cm - 76cm
Weight: 440kg approximately
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    Download the Premiersled Scrum Machine Manual here


    The Rhino Premiersled scrum machine is ideal for all teams ranging from school 1st XV to senior packs.