Rhino Mini Tackle Bag

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Prepare your mini and junior rugby players for the big leagues with the Rhino Mini Tackle Bag. 

Perfectly sized for young athletes, this tackle bag is a must-have training tool designed to improve tackling technique and enhance overall gameplay. The Mini Tackle Bag is branded with our bold 'RHINO' logo in vibrant yellow lettering, where the letters can be as guidlines to target the correct tackle height.

This product has a durable surface suitable for repetitive training drills.

Key features:

- Durable: Crafted with high-density foam to withstand the toughest of tackles.
- Player safety: Smooth edges and a consistent surface reduce the risk of injury during practice.
- Size-appropriate design: Scaled for younger players, encouraging correct form and body positioning.
- Visibility: The bright yellow logo on a blue background ensures high visibility on the field.
- Easy transport: Lightweight enough to be moved and adjusted by junior players or coaches.
- Enhanced skill development: Encourages the practice of safe and effective tackling techniques vital for game development.

This tackle bag is the training partner your junior team needs to safely build confidence, skill, and work on the correct tackle height

Mini Tackle Bag Dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 110 x 30 x 30cm 
  • Weight: 4kgs