Rhino Dual Gel Mouthguard


The Rhino Dual Gel Mouthguard – where our cutting-edge protection meets unparalleled comfort. This mouthguard boasts a dual gel system, ensuring both a precise fit and optimal shock absorption.


- Dual Gel Technology: A soft inner gel layer offers a snug, custom fit to your teeth, while the denser outer gel layer provides superior impact absorption, safeguarding your oral health.

- Easy Breath Channels: Strategically designed air channels ensure you breathe comfortably, allowing you to maintain peak performance.

- Custom Fit: Achieve a tailor-made fit in just minutes, ensuring the mouthguard remains securely in place throughout the game.

- Long-Lasting Durability: Constructed with premium materials that stand up to the rigours of intense sports action.

- Neutral Taste and Odour: Experience zero distractions with our tasteless and odourless design.


- Superior Protection: The dual gel layers work in tandem to dissipate force, significantly reducing the risk of dental and gum injuries.

- Comfort First: The adaptive inner gel ensures the mouthguard feels natural, allowing you to focus solely on the game.

- Hassle-Free Maintenance: A quick rinse post-game and using the included protective case is all it takes to keep it in prime condition.

- Versatile Application: Perfect for a plethora of contact sports, from rugby and basketball to MMA and lacrosse.

- Confidence Boost: Step onto the field, court, or ring with the assurance that your smile is shielded by top-tier technology.