Rhino Ball Tube


The Rhino Ball Tube is a versatile and practical solution for storing and transporting sports balls with ease. Designed to hold up to five full-sized rugby balls, this ball tube is perfect for coaches, teams, and individual athletes who want a convenient and organised way to carry their rugby balls, footballs, and netballs.

Its spacious design, durable construction, and convenient carrying handle make the Rhino Ball Tube perfect for use during training sessions, games, or even for storage at home.


- Can hold up-to five balls, accommodating various ball sizes and types including rugby, netball and football balls.
- Suitable for any ball type, providing versatility for multi-sport athletes and coaches. 
- Constructed with durable materials to withstand regular use and transportation. 
- Features a secure drawstring closure to keep balls safely contained and easily accessible.
- Available in Rhino blue.
- Over-the-shoulder handle design ensures comfortable carrying