Rhino Baby-Lite (LED-4) - Portable Mobile Lighting Tower


  • Portable, easy to manage and highly versatile floodlights
  • 4 x 200W LED 3600 swivel & tilt lighting head (230v or 110v power required)
  • 4m vertical stainless steel mast
  • Front, side & rear fork pockets 
  • Linz alternator (9kVA) (heavy duty and proves reliability)
  • Generator can be removed in under 10 minutes for the best and most convenient portable floodlights
  • Exclusive engine protection shutdown system (in the case of low fuel, low oil pressure and battery charge failure)
  • Complete on trolley kit, folding handles + 2x fully adjustable stabiliser legs 


England/Wales - £300

Scotland - £325

Ireland - £POA