Adjustable Binding Arms Upgrade


The Rhino Adjustable Binding Arms are a brand-new binding system designed with modern scrummaging in mind. This new feature allows props to tailor the handle positions to their arm length, creating the most realistic scrum training experience on the market. 

Developed for over a year in partnership with Bristol Bears scrum guru Mark Irish, these new Adjustable Binding Arms will now be available as a free upgrade with the purchase of any Rhino scrum machine.

The above will replace the whole front section of your scrum machine, ensuring your current Rhino machine is compatible with the modern day scrum.

This product includes:

PS1, Rebel, Powasled, Dictator, Powahouse
2 x 2024 Adjustable Binding Positions
4 x 2024 Angled Head Plates 
4 x Pads
4 x T Bolts


Solo Sled, Solo Powa
2 x 2024 Adjustable Binding Positions
2 x 2024 Angled Head Plates
2 x Vertical Pads
 2 x T Bolts


Key features:

- Game realistic: The new adjustable handles have revolutionised the bind phase, allowing props to tailor the handle positions according to their arm length for a more realistic scrum training experience.

- Three-level adjustability: The binding arms are adjustable up to three levels facilitated by a quick-drop pin for swift changeovers between props, ensuring customisation does not compromise convenience.

- New angled pads: All machines equipped with the new binding arms feature our newly angled pads, allowing coaches to modify the level of difficulty.

- Enhanced safety: The new binding arms prioritise and ensure safety for all age groups. The design ensures shoulders initiate contact with the pad in safe and effective body positions.

- Professional endorsement: Rigorously tested and approved by professional and international teams, this innovation has received a robust endorsement from the rugby community.

Forever innovating, the Adjustable Binding Arms underscores Rhino's commitment to advancing rugby training equipment.