Premgripp® Sport Sock


The premier sock with padded protection grip and positive power for your feet.

Designed to increase the grip between the foot and sock and the sock and shoe to increase performance margins. Premgripp® has anti-blister properties and with its fully elasticated foot it moulds itself to your feet.

  • Integrated grip technology
  • Reinforced ankle padding for protection
  • Offset technology to help stimulate blood circulation from the foot to leg
  • Fully elasticated foot giving the perfect moulded sock to foot
  • Double density padding
  • Corrugated in the articular area to prevent creasing
  • Padded sole for ultimate comfort
The Premgripp® system on the inside and outside of the socks works when your full body weight is transferred to your feet. 

The cushioning will expand after washing giving a softer and more comfortable feel when worn.