Rhino Thunder Training Netball


The Rhino Thunder Training Netball, the perfect all-weather netball designed for both indoor and outdoor play. This netball offers superior performance, excellent durability, and great value, making it the ideal choice for players of all skill levels.

Unlike traditional stitched netballs, the Rhino Thunder Netball is moulded, creating a seamless surface. This moulded construction not only offers a consistent feel and balance but also significantly enhances the ball's durability and lifespan. The max grip pattern ensures superior handling, providing an excellent grip and enhancing ball control for accurate passes and steady catches.

Fitted with a nylon-wound Butyl bladder, known for its excellent air retention. This feature ensures that the ball maintains its shape and performance throughout rigorous use, game after game.

The Thunder Netball offers the best blend of quality and affordability, our netballs are renowned for their durability, consistency, and adaptability.

Quantity Price Each
X1 £9.95
X5 £8.95
X30 £7.95