15x Brasilia Football Bundle

$116.00 $232.00

Please note: The Brasilia Football is only sold in a bundle of 15 per colour. This ball arrives deflated, ball pumps sold separately here

The Rhino Brasilia Football Bundle is our high-performance, reliable football designed for training sessions across all skill levels. Its sturdy construction, coupled with practical features, ensures a dependable and consistent training experience.

Key Features:

- Colours: The Rhino Brasilia Football Bundle is available in four colours, providing variety to suit different preferences.

- Sizes: This ball is available in sizes 3, 4, and 5, catering to a range of age groups and training requirements.

- Construction: The Rhino Brasilia Football is built to meet training ball standards.

- Textured Outer Shell: The microfibre PVC outer shell features a textured surface, aiding in control and grip during play.

- EVA Foam Backing: A 3.0mm EVA foam backing is incorporated for a comfortable touch and better ball handling.

- Three-Layer PV Backing: The football includes three layers of PV backing, which contribute to its durability and shape retention.

- Butyl Synthetic Bladder: A 150g butyl synthetic bladder is used for good air retention, reducing the frequency of inflation.

- Machine Stitching: The use of Hyperseam machine stitching contributes to the ball’s durability and maintains its shape.

- Rebound Consistency: The ball offers consistent rebound characteristics, allowing for predictable behavior during training.

- Defined Weight Range: The Rhino Brasilia Football has a weight of 420g ± 10g, providing a balanced feel.

- Low Water Absorption: The ball’s construction materials ensure low water absorption, making it more suitable for use in various weather conditions.