15x Airborne Netball Bundle

$130.00 $233.00

This ball arrives deflated, ball pumps sold separately here

Unleash your potential on the court with our new Airborne Netball Bundle. This comprehensive bundle includes 15 high-quality netballs crafted with a blend of natural and synthetic rubber. With exceptional grip, durability, and responsiveness, these balls enable you to make precise passes and shots on the court.

The Airborne Netballs feature a laminated back with multiple layers of polyester cotton fabric and dual rubber layers, ensuring shape retention for consistent performance. The hyper-seam machine stitching provides superior durability, while the bold grain grip pattern enhances control and handling.

Fitted with high-tech latex bladders, our Airborne Netballs offer optimal air retention and reliable bounce characteristics. Weighing 400 + - 15 grams, these netballs strike the perfect balance between agility and stability, enabling superior ball control.


400 + - 15 grams