Rhino Evolve Tackle Bag



Introducing our new, game-changing Evolve Tackle Bag designed to promote tackling lower, reducing the risk of head-on-head contact and potential concussions. 

Rugby authorities across the world have conducted extensive trials and research to improve safety measures. As a result, tackle height has been lowered from the traditional shoulder height to below the sternum, commonly referred to as the 'belly tackle' height. This significant change applies to both adult and youth rugby, ensuring a safer playing environment for all.

The Evolve Tackle Bag is specifically designed to cater to these changes, designed to promote tackling below the sternum. This innovative tackle bag is lower than our standard Round Tackle Bag, but the same weight - crafted using the same high-quality materials to offer exceptional durability. 

You can customise your training session by aiming for any of the RHINO letters printed on the Evolve, for a more specific hit. 

110cm x 45cm x 45cm
18kg (the same weight as the market leading Rhino Round Tackle Bag)