Hit & Spin Shield


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The Rhino Hit & Spin Shield is expertly designed to facilitate the training of initial contact and follow-up skills within ball carrying. It can be easily carried by the shield holder, allowing the attacking player to practice dropping their body height as they approach the shield and late step to target the edge. This training aid enables players to hone their ball carry technique in a safe and controlled environment before transitioning to live scenarios.

The  padded construction on the Rhino Hit & Spin Shield ensures a safe and effective rugby training experience Built for durability and longevity, perfect for regular training sessions. The shield carrier can adjust the height of the shield, encouraging precise timing, accuracy, and body movement throughout the training process. 

Useful tips

- Encourage players to approach the shield from various angles and speeds – avoid consistently providing a straight approach. Explore different ways of attacking the shield, such as front-on, staying square, or using different entry points related to the collision or tackle.

- Vary the approach - have players start from the ground or incorporate another technical challenge before the collision; execute a straight attack versus the shield or fatigue the player first, then carry out the drill, ensuring the player's technique remains under constant pressure.

- Look for speed of movement and accuracy throughout the drill. Players should maintain control of their body movement, angle of attack, foot placement, and body height. When using the shield for initial tackle accuracy, observe tracking, preparation, connection, acceleration, and finish.

- Ensure players work on both left and right shoulders during practices, allowing them to develop a well-rounded skill set.