As the official training equipment and ball supplier to The British & Irish Lions NZ 2017 Tour, Rhino has kitted the squad out with a fair bit of gear. 1,211 bits to be precise.

From scrum machines to tackle bags to different types of hit shields, not to mention the Ruck Warrior, rugby balls and an awful lot of cones, The British & Irish Lions have always been well stocked with Rhino equipment.

To cover all bases, The Lions have three identical sets of equipment in three locations each consisting of 337 items, one in the UK, and then two in New Zealand (one on each island). Throw in 200 official training balls that move with them, and you've got your ultimate 1,211-piece inventory fit for The Lions. And don't forget let us know which piece of Rhino equipment is your favourite, by commenting below the post.

So if you're planning your own Lions tour, this is what you'll need to replicate the legends.


3 x Rhino PowaSleds

A steel-framed, classic scrum machine with vertical pads that enable to move independently to replicate the realistic hit. Want to practise like Furlong, George and Vunipola? More info here.

British & Irish Lions hit the Rhino Powa Scrum Sled

Tadgh Furlong, Rory Best, Joe Marler and Sam Warburton are among Lions packing down with Rhino. Pic: Inpho


3 x Rhino One-Man Scrum Machine Sled

For the forward that likes to train alone! Focus on technique and power of your props, either on their own or in pairs with a second row. Can add weights as required. Find out more here.

Rhino one man scrum sled

The Rhino One-Man Scrum Machine Sled. Pic: Inpho


69 x Tackle Suits

Nobody wants to see a Lion get injured in training, and the Rhino Tackle Suits (with leg protectors), help absorb the hits. Find out more here.

Rhino Tackle Suits 

The Lions' Rhino Senior Tackle Suits. Pic: Inpho


45 x World Cup Hit Shields

Another classic, the premium shield for contact work, the World Cup Hit Shield. A snip at £62 too. Find out more here.

45 x International Hit Shields

Slightly smaller sibling of the World Cup Hit Shield. £57.85. Find out more here.


Rhino World Cup Hit Shield

The Lions bundle into training with Rhino hit shields. Pic: Inpho


30 x Tackle Bags

The most popular tackle bag in Rhino's collection. Find out more here.

Rhino Round Tackle Bag

Rory Best tackles Rhino. Pic: Inpho


18 x Collision King Low Tackle Bags

Keeping the tackles low and helping at the breakdown, the Collision King is a flankers' favourite bit of training kit. Give your backrows a helping hand here.

Collision King bag low

Tadgh Furlong eyes up the Collision King Low Bag. Pic: Inpho


6 x Ruck Warriors

This is the ultimate bit of kit for mastering the breakdown, specifically the ruck, helping you to improve clearing out techniques and practise rucking at full speed. More here

Ruck Warrior

Jonathan Joseph begins to get the hang of this rucking business. Pic: Inpho


200 x Training Balls

The official training ball of The British & Irish Lions 2017 NZ Tour. Find yours here.

Official British & Irish Lions training ball

You can purchase the exact same ball the Lions train with or a replica via Pic: Inpho


6 x Lineout Nets

Thanks to hours of practise with these nets, Rory Best, Jamie George and Ken Owens have been finding their jumpers (give or take the odd one). Get yours here.

180 x Grid Marker Discs 

Classic 'cones' to you and me. Get yours here

300 x Cones

Actual cone-shaped cones. Get yours here

90 x Soft Cones

Softer versions of the cone-shaped cones. Get yours here

138 x Agility Poles

The secret training weapon that no doubt helped Liam Williams weave his way through the All Blacks in the first Test! Get practising now for the next tour here

12 x Post Protectors

Because posts need protection too. See ours here

6 x Climbing Bags

Whether you want your back three practising under the high ball or the forwards working on kick-offs and line outs, the climbing bags have been put to good use by The Lions. Find out more here 

60 x Moon Flags and Corner Pole Protectors

Ensuring The Lions know where the tryline is – seems to be working. More here.

Rhino Flags


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