Rhino Ruck Warrior


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The Rhino Ruck Warrior, a revolutionary training tool designed specifically to coach and train the breakdown in rugby. Perfect for honing your rucking skills, as well as for training tackle jackal, clear out, and turnover techniques. The Ruck Warrior helps players develop their skills in a safe and efficient manner, without the need for physical contact.

Coaching tips:

∙ Encourage players to approach the Ruck Warrior from various angles and speeds, challenging them to adapt their technique in different situations.

∙ Work on straight clearance, or fatigue the player first to test their technique under pressure.

∙ Ensure players drop their height from 2-3 meters away and make accurate decisions on the area to target on the training aid.

∙ Emphasise maintaining eye contact with the target throughout the initial hit, strong arm clamp, and shoulder contact – players should be in control of their body weight at all times.

∙ Analyse player speed and clearance accuracy, focusing on keeping hips low and square with powerful follow-up leg drive.

∙ Incorporate a dynamic and safe croc-roll for core and arm strength development, working on outstanding stability and bodyweight support.

∙ Always finish in a strong end position, with eyes up and ready to protect from oncoming contact.

∙ During phase play, use the Ruck Warrior to simulate real in-game scenarios, forcing players to clear the threat or beat the Ruck Warrior.

∙ Adjust the clearance angle by holding the straps on the back of the training aid, creating different angles for the player to clear and promoting proper posture and drive through to finish.


∙ Develops optimal clearing out techniques by replicating a jackaler over the rugby ball

∙ Safe and reliable rugby training equipment, allowing players to practice the best breakdown techniques at full speed