Rhino has announced the launch of their new Adjustable Binding Arms, the closest simulation to a live scrum on the market. 

The founding fathers of the scrum machine have made their latest revolution in scrum training equipment with the Rhino Adjustable Binding Arms, a free upgrade option on all Rhino scrum machines, sleds and rollers.

Rhino Adjustable Binding Arm

This new feature allows props to tailor the handle positions to their arm length, creating a more realistic scrum training experience and encouraging accurate body positioning. This design ensures also shoulders initiate contact with the pad at the correct angle and distance, fostering safe practice.

The Rhino Adjustable Binding Arms are modifiable up to three level, a quick-drop pin used for swift changeovers between positions. This ensures that customisation does not compromise convenience. Additionally, all machines equipped with the new binding arms feature our newly angled pads, allowing coaches to modify the level of difficulty.

Rigorous testing by professional and international teams has led to the development of the Rhino Adjustable Binding Arms. “Everyone’s body shapes and sizes are very different,” explains Mark Irish, forwards coach at Bristol Bears and one of the innovators behind the new binding arms. “The Rhino Adjustable Binding Arms give us the ability to get a realistic distance from the machine, bridging the gap between the machines and the live in-game scrum.”

The new arms are:

  • Available as a free upgrade to all new Rhino scrum machines
  • Adjustable up to three levels to accommodate player preferences
  • Equipped with newly angled pads, fostering safe and effective body positions
  • Endorsed by professional and international teams
  • Prioritise safety for all age groups

    The new Adjustable Binding Arms also have an additional option of a spring-loaded handle. Developed with England Rugby’s scrum coach Tom Harrison, this provides even more resistance to help increase grip stability and strength.

    Rhino Spring Adjustable Binding Arm

    Forever innovating, the Adjustable Binding Arms underscores Rhino's commitment to advancing rugby training equipment. Rhino has been the scrum partner of England Rugby for more than 40 years, long-term partners with the Welsh Rugby Union and equipment provider for the British and Irish Lions for four consecutive tours.

    See the Adjustable Binding Arm here

    See the Spring Adjustable Binding Arm here

    Rhino Staff