The tackle bag is a training ground essential, and Rhino tackle bags are the number one choice for professional players and coaches across the world. Here are nine that could make a big difference to your training routines at both senior and junior level...

1. Senior Round Tackle Bag
The world’s best-selling tackle bag, a multi-purpose, enduring, hard-wearing training ground staple, available from £119.95 with multi-buy deals. Find out more

Rhino Senior Round Tackle Bag

2. Collision King Multi-Skills Tackle Bag
Tackle, jackal and battle: practise the 12 core skills with one bag, developed by former Scotland and South Africa breakdown coach Richie Gray (GSI) for Rhino. Available in senior and junior, from £280. Find out more

Rhino Collision King Multi-Skills Bag  

3. Senior Square Tackle Bag
The robust square shape makes it perfect for incorporating rucking drills, another bag popular with the professionals. Available in junior and senior, with multi-buy deals prices start from £89.95. Find out more about senior or junior

 Rhino Senior Square Tackle Bag

4. Collision King Low Tackle Bag
Another from the Richie Gray (GSI) stable, this low tackle bag is becoming another essential for coaches of all levels – ideal perfecting tackle technique, ensuring accurate body height. Prices start at £118.85. Find out more

Rhino Collision King Low Tackle Bag

5. Junior Doughnut Tackle Bag
Juniors come in all shapes and sizes, and this bag allows you to adjust the height of the perfect tackle according to the player or age group. Prices start at £123. Find out more 

Rhino Junior Doughnut Tackle Bag 

6. Big Hit Square Tackle Bag
The choice of the professionals, a stalwart of the England and Wales rugby camps, not to mention the British & Irish Lions, this is ideal for rucking drills with heavier weight for added resistance. Prices from £138. Find out more

Rhino Bit Hit Square Tackle Bag

7. The Jackal Bag
Combining the tackle with jackal practise. As the player hits, they then rip the ball from the straps, reflecting a real-life tackle situation. Available in senior and junior, priced from £120. Find out more about senior and junior 

Rhino Jackal Bag

8. Collision King Grip & Rip
Keeping training sessions engaging in the tackle area is always key, with this bag you're not only encouraging your players to make the tackle, but also to get to their feet and challenge for the ball. Priced from £169.25. Find out more

Rhino Collision King Grip and Rip

9. Jackal Ring
Another tackle bag that's becoming a must-have on every training ground, get your players hitting a moving target and then stealing the ball with the popular Jackal Ring. Priced from £145.75. Find out more about senior and junior 

Rhino Jackal Ring


Rhino is the No.1 for rugby training equipment, an official supplier to, among others, England Rugby, Welsh Rugby Union, USA Rugby, Asia Rugby, Rugby Europe and the British & Irish Lions. To explore our full range of tackle bags, click here

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