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The Mindset of Champions

Posted on July 10 2014

Rhino Rugby partners The Rugby Site are excited to announce a new interview series featuring a line-up of the world’s top players and coaches - “The Mindset of Champions". Preview the first part of the series: Dan Carter on his approach to rugby. In this series players and coaches will share with you personal rugby stories and philosophies: stories of how they got involved in this game we love, their major influencers, and the mindset that keeps them at the top of the game with a passion that doesn't wane. Without exception, these great players and coaches are humble, grounded, incredibly hardworking individuals who have learned to work a very special talent. The insights will inspire you, your players, and your team. To watch the 'Mindset of Champions' series and all 60 video courses, subscribe to The Rugby Site. Rhino can exclusively offer 30% discount on annual access to the rugby site: Click here to subscribe. Rhino are proud to offer access to videos on The Rugby Site free with selected equipment purchase visit Rhino for more information.


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