Easiturf Easigrass
The launch event involved Easigrass carpeting the Rhino offices with artificial turf and the presence of one their highly recogniseable ‘turfed’ vehicles so familiar to Londoners
Rhino Rugby and Easigrass Sports, a subsidiary of the artificial turf market leading Easigrass group, have announced a tie up to create the  RHINO-TURF series of products to address primarily the burgeoning market for soccer-rugby pitches in view of the expected impending agreement between FIFA and the IRB to promote these new dual use surfaces. Easigrass Sports Managing Director Jonathan Gallagher commented:  ‘we realised that in order to fully maximise the technical expertise and sourcing advantages we feel we have in this exciting  and growing market going ahead that we needed a sports brand with impact. We have worked with Rhino for some time and were delighted that they were willing to partner us in this project’ Rhino CEO Reg Clark professed himself ‘very excited indeed’ by the prospects for the dual use surfaces market going ahead: ‘Bryn Lee and Easigrass between them possess unrivalled expertise and experience in this field; all the signs are that this market will experience exponential growth in the coming years and we are delighted to be part of it.  I regard this deal as further evidence of the increasing power of our brand not only in  rugby but in the world of sport generally’.
RHINO-TURF VT60, the flagship product, will be aimed at meeting the requirements of the highest levels of rugby and soccer dual use pitches; featuring long monofilament fibres supported by additional curly yarn it is hard wearing, non-abrasive and visually as close to real turf as you can get, whilst offering excellent performance for all sports.
RHINO TURF VT65 is primarily a rugby surface designed for use on training areas or full size pitches, with a pad, to meet IRB standards. Featuring two different monofilament yarns this product is attractive, durable, and soft to touch whilst offering excellent playing characteristics. It can also be used for high level football.