Scrum Machine Service

Ensuring the longevity and safety of your Rhino scrum machine is paramount. As the world's leading provider of scrum machines, we offer a service to protect your investment and overall, the wellbeing of your players. Your peace of mind and the safety of your players is our top priority.

Why regular service is essential

At Rhino, we highly recommend an annual service for your scrum machine. Regular maintenance goes beyond routine checks. It is a crucial component of maintaining your scrum machine's top-tier performance and ensuring the safety of your athletes during training.

Peace of mind

A key benefit of our regular servicing is the peace of mind it brings. The protective padding and bungees in our scrum machines offer a necessary "give" at the point of impact, effectively safeguarding players' necks and backs from potential injury. Regular servicing ensures this "give" is maintained, keeping your athletes safe during rigorous training sessions.

Fulfilling health & safety obligations

Our comprehensive service also helps you meet health and safety obligations. With each service, we provide a certificate signifying your due diligence in ensuring the safety of your athletes. This certification demonstrates your commitment to protecting your players.

Protecting your investment

Your Rhino scrum machine represents a significant long-term investment. Regular servicing with genuine Rhino parts helps extend the life of your machine, thereby protecting your investment. Our meticulous service leaves your machine in optimal working condition and ensures its longevity.

What's included?

Our scrum machine service includes a thorough check over and de/re-greasing of all movable parts, such as the pusher arms & pads, axle & hub, height adjusters, brakes, and roller. We also replace any worn bungees, pads, or brakes.

Please note that services often require replacement parts, which are not included in the initial service price. We always seek authorisation from the customer before fitting extra parts. These additional parts will be included in the final invoice and payable to the service engineer on the day.

All genuine Rhino parts comply with safety regulations and carry the Rhino mark of authenticity. Using non-Rhino parts for your machine may invalidate any current warranties or service plans.