Rhino has been at the forefront of rugby excellence, with our hit shields being the go-to choice for elite players and teams like the British & Irish Lions, the Welsh Rugby Union, England Rugby, and France. We have the widest range in the game, collaborating with the likes of Shaun Edwards and George Smith, to meet the demands of every coach and player.

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Hit Shields

International Hit Shield

• Ideal for both professional and amateur rugby players.

• Features the highest grade material, capable of absorbing the toughest impacts.

• Equipped with fast recovery foam, to minimise downtime between hits.

• Widely used and trusted by national and international teams.

• Constructed with triple-stitched seams and sturdy handles for enhanced strength and tackle resistance.

• Dimensions: 81cm x 43cm x 15cm; Weight: 2.6kg

MP1 Club Hit Shield

• Suitable for players of all ages and skill levels, particularly beneficial for young players honing their skills.

• Its smaller size creates a smaller target, improving accuracy and teaching proper tackling.

• Easy to transport to and from training sessions.

• Made with high-quality foam for superior impact absorption, allowing safe, full-force hits.

• Durable design withstands regular use, both indoors and outdoors.

• Features triple-stitched seams and handles for added strength and resilience against tough hits.

• Dimensions: 66cm x 36cm x 13cm; Weight: 1.6kg.

Tackle Bags

Evolve Tackle Bag

• Developed in response to global rugby safety research, promoting lower tackles to reduce head injuries.

• Aids in adapting to the new 'belly tackle' height standard for both adult and youth rugby.

• Equal in weight to the market leading Rhino Round Tackle Bag.

• Built with the same high-quality materials for outstanding durability.

• Dimensions: 110cm x 45cm x 45cm; Weight: 18kg.

Round Tackle Bag

• Crafted with high-quality foam for superior impact absorption and quick recovery.

• Features triple-stitched seams and handles, enhancing strength and durability.

• Used by both grass-roots and international teams worldwide, making it a trusted and reliable product for players at all levels.

• Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, accommodating various training environments.

• Available in senior and junior sizes.

• Dimensions: 135cm x 46cm; Weight: 18kg.

Chop Tackle Bag

• Designed to sharpen tackling techniques and precision.

• Its low height is ideal for practicing correct, effective tackling height.

• Crafted with the same high-quality foam as our other Rhino tackle bags, for outstanding impact absorption and quick recovery.

• Robust construction ensures durability for frequent use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

• Dimensions: 65cm x 40cm; Weight: 15kg.

Tackle Jackal Bag

• The top-rated jackal bag on the market, endorsed by Shaun Edwards, a renowned defence coach.

• Designed to enhance players' jackaling technique and boost reaction times in realistic game scenarios.

• Features an indent for ball placement, focusing on developing effective skills and quick recovery post-tackle.

• Available in both Senior and Junior sizes, making it a versatile tool.


• 360mm (L) x 360mm (W) x 1500mm (H); Weight: 16.5kg


• 330mm (L) x 330mm (W) x 1220mm (H); Weight: 10kg

Jackal Ring

• Designed to refine tackling techniques and ensure safe head and shoulder positioning.

• The Jackal Ring's unique structure, with distinct inside and outside areas, teaches players to use correct shoulder and head placements in tackles.

• Facilitates a dynamic, player-safe practice environment by reducing the need for player-on-player tackles.

• Equipped with straps for a rugby ball, encouraging quick recovery post tackle.


• Dimensions: 1000mm (H) x 330mm (D); Alternative - 900mm (H) x 250mm (D); Weight: 18kg.

• Alternative - 900mm (H) x 250mm (D).