Rhino Jackal Ring


British-flag   MADE IN THE UK


The ultimate Rhino Jackal Ring, our durable, strong, and innovative training tool that enhances tackling techniques and promotes safe head and shoulder placement. With a PVC covering for maximum reliability, this rugby tackle bag is designed to withstand the most rigorous training sessions - we also offer a one-year guarantee.

The Jackal Ring creates a dynamic target with distinct inside and outside areas, allowing rugby players to focus on using the correct shoulder and head placement during tackles. This innovative design eliminates the need for player-on-player tackling during practice, reducing the risk of injuries. The unique design simulates tackles on the run, providing valuable feedback on the angle and timing of the tackle. It also features straps for a rugby ball, encouraging players to quickly get off the ground and "jackal" for the ball after a tackle.

Improve tackling techniques, promote safety, and enhance overall performance with the Rhino Jackal Ring.

Key Features: 

- Durable and strong design with a one-year guarantee
- PVC covering for ultimate reliability and longevity
- Innovative Jackal Ring to encourage proper head and shoulder placement during tackles
- Aids in quick movement to steal the rugby ball following the tackle
- Dimensions: 1000mm (h) x 330mm (d) or 900mm (h) x 250mm (d)
- Senior weight: 18kg

*Please note: rugby ball not included