Rhino Pro Round Tackle Bag


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Elevate your training with the Rhino Pro Round Tackle Bag, the heavyweight champion of tackle bags. Weighing in at a heavy 30kg, this premium tackle bag is designed for those who demand more from their training equipment. Reinforced with triple-stitched seams and robust handles, this tackle bag is built to endure the harshest of hits. The 630gsm modified PU glossed canvas further amplifies its resilience, making it a favourite amongst both professionals and rugby enthusiasts.

Why Go Pro? The added weight provides a more realistic tackling experience, challenging players to exert more force and perfect their technique. It's not just about strength; the heavier weight improves stability, ensuring the bag remains grounded during intense training sessions. This makes it an ideal choice for players aiming to simulate real-game situations and enhance their tackling sessions.

Superior Design: Crafted with high-quality foam, the Rhino Pro Round Tackle Bag offers exceptional impact absorption, allowing for high-speed, high-intensity training sessions. The bag's rapid recovery post-impact ensures continuous, uninterrupted training.

Trusted Globally Endorsed by grass-roots to international teams worldwide, the Rhino Round Tackle Bag's reputation speaks volumes. Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Tailored to All Available in both senior and junior sizes, the Rhino Pro Round Tackle Bag caters to every player, from budding talents to seasoned professionals.


  • Dimensions: 135cm x 46cm
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Material: 630gsm modified PU glossed canvas