Rhino Tackle Jackal Bag


British-flag   MADE IN THE UK


The Rhino Tackle Jackal is the most popular jackal bag on the market, recommended and used by Shaun Edwards, the world's best defence coach. This durable and strong rugby tackle bag is designed to help players perfect their jackaling technique and improve reaction times in a realistic rugby environment.

The Rhino Tackle Jackal is designed with an indent for ball placement, encouraging players to practice their best jackaling techniques and swiftly return to their feet after a tackle. The unpredictable landing side of the rugby ball helps train fast reactions, simulating a realistic rugby environment.

Available in both Senior and Junior sizes, the Rhino Tackle Jackal caters to a variety of players, offering a durable and reliable training tool that is essential for improving on-field performance. With the endorsement from Shaun Edwards, the Rhino Tackle Jackal is the ultimate choice for players looking to excel in their jackaling skills and reaction times.

Key Features:

  • Durable rugby tackle bag with a one-year guarantee
  • PVC covering for ultimate reliability and longevity
  • Indent for ball placement to train optimal jackaling technique
  • Encourages speedy return to feet following the rugby tackle
  • Trains fast reactions with unpredictable ball landing side
  • Please note: rugby ball not included


  • Dimensions: 360mm (L) x 360mm (W) x 1500mm (H)
  • Weight: 16.5kg


  • Dimensions: 330mm (L) x 330mm (W) x 1220mm (H)
  • Weight: 10kg