Rhino Dictator Scrum Machine


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Rhino Water Tank available here

Usually dispatched within 5 working days. All Rhino scrum machines are warranted against manufacturing defects for 12 months from delivery.

Please note: All Rhino Scrum Machines now come with the revolutionary new Adjustable Binding Arm position, replacing the older ‘Elephant Ear’ handles - as standard.

This is a brand-new binding system designed with modern scrummaging in mind. 

Developed for over a year in partnership with Bristol Bears scrum guru Mark Irish, this new feature allows props to tailor the handle positions to their arm length, creating the most realistic and safe scrum training experience on the market. 

Introducing the No.1 selling, most advanced scrum machine on the market, the Rhino Dictator Scrum Machine. This is the ultimate training tool used by the top international rugby teams, including The British & Irish Lions, England Rugby, and the Welsh Rugby Union. 

The Dictator features a hydraulic wheel system, which allows for easy mobility and transportation. Constructed with a robust and reliable steel sled, this scrum machine can withstand the most intense training sessions. The Dictator comes equipped with vertical rounded detachable scrum pads, which have four adjustable pad heights, ranging from 41-87cm (14-34").

With automatic dampers, players can safely and effectively practice their scrummaging technique, with adjustable resistance to simulate real-game scenarios. The wider head and larger pads can accommodate a greater range of pack sizes, making it an ideal tool for developing the skills of the entire forward pack.

For senior forward packs, the Rhino Dictator can come with a water tank that adds an extra 200kg of weight, making it an even more formidable training tool. Additionally, the machine has hydraulically activated wheel systems, which allow for even greater mobility on the training field.

The Rhino Dictator also features steel loops on the tighthead and loosehead pads, which enable players to practice a range of bind grips. Upgrade options include binding pads, which consist of foam pads lined with rugby shirt material, encouraging players to work hard to get a good bind as they would in a real match.

Scrum Machine Dimensions:

3300 (l) x 2000 (w) x 1300mm (h), and a weight of 836.0 kilos.

  • Vertical rounded detachable scrum machine pads with four adjustable pad heights (41cm - 87cm)
  • Water tank adds extra 200kg to the scrum machine for senior for senior forward packs
  • Hydraulically activated wheel system adds mobility to the scrum machine

Download the Dictator Scrum Machine Manual here



We recommend an annual service and safety check taking out a three year service plan at purchase will extend the warranty for the period of the plan. We cannot take responsibility for machines serviced by third parties.