Rhino D-Belt Alignment Training Aid


The Rhino D-Belt Alignment Training Aid, an essential training tool designed to elevate your team's defensive skills, sharpen attackers' running lines, and enhance decision-making on the field. The Rhino D-Belt provides both visual and physical cues to help players learn and improve their gameplay, making it a valuable addition to any coach's arsenal.


- Set includes 5 waistbands with connectors and an exercise booklet for effective training

- Comes with a convenient carry bag for easy transport and storage

- Can be combined with additional sets to accommodate larger groups of players

- Designed to help players develop their defence, running lines, and decision-making abilities

- Provides visual and physical cues during use for more effective learning

-  Adjustable, so can be position and age compatible.


- Improve your team's defensive capabilities and overall gameplay with targeted training exercises

- Enhance attackers' running lines and decision-making skills for a more dynamic offensive strategy

- Facilitate learning through visual and physical cues, ensuring players fully understand and apply training concepts 

- Exercise booklet included, offering guidance for effective training sessions

- Easily transportable and scalable, allowing coaches to adapt the Rhino D-Belt to their team's needs