There's a rugby position for everyone, that's why we love it. Now, there's even a British & Irish Lions rugby ball for every position. Find your position, find your ball...


1. Loosehead prop

The retro

British & Irish Lions retro ball

A classic rugby ball for a classic player. Harks back to the good ol' days of rugby, where players would always put their shift in at the coal face. Not flashy, but does his job and appreciated by all his team-mates.

The British & Irish Lions Limited Edition Retro ball is available in mini, midi and size 5, from £7.95. Click here


2. Hooker

Small, fiery, but fun

British & Irish Lions Mini Ball

Never the biggest – at least not at club level, but always packs a punch. Like this fiery little red British & Irish Lions mini rugby ball. Competitive – you can throw this little guy around at the office, at home or in the park, but always good for a laugh, so popular with the little 'uns too. 

The British & Irish Lions supporters red ball is available in mini, midi and size 5, from £7.95. Click here


3. Tighthead prop

The big, fun beach lover

British & Irish Lions beach ball

The light-hearted one in the changing room, perfectly matched to the British & Irish Lions beach ball. Don't be fooled, this isn't like one of the typical beach balls. Despite its fun-loving exterior, it's still made of sterner stuff - this isn't some light-as-a-feather bag of air, it's a proper rugby ball that happens to like the beach. 

The British & Irish Lions beach ball is available for £14.95. Click here


4. Second row

Solid, dependable, good looking

British & Irish Lions blue ball

This is pretty much the Richie Gray of rugby balls, and not just because of its Scottish navy kit. Happy to take lead, appear at press conferences, and does the job without any fuss. Good looking, but not in a flash way like those graffiti balls (see the wingers in Part 2).

The British & Irish Lions blue supporters ball is available in mini, midi and size 5 with prices starting from £7.95. Click here


5. Second row

Like the blue one, but different

British & Irish Lions Green Supporters Ball

For Richie Gray, read Iain Henderson – of the ball world that is. This green supporters ball – pictured here hiding out in the jungle – might not stand out in the same way as its flashier mates in the backs, but it's a good ball and obviously a hit with those that love the green. Irish Lions fans, this is for you. 

The British & Irish Lions green supporters ball is available in mini, midi and size 5 with prices starting from £7.95. Click here


6. Blindside flanker

The unsung hero

British & Irish Lions white supporters ball

The white supporters ball might not be flash, or shouty, or even the oldest or youngest around, but it's solid, dependable and for people who are comfortable in their skin and want to support the Lions without needing any bright colours to do so. They want to win, but happy to give a slight nod rather than a raucous cheer when they celebrate.

The British & Irish Lions white supporters ball is available in mini, midi and size 5 with prices starting from £7.95. Click here


7. Openside flanker

Dark arts master

British & Irish Lions black supporters ball

Arguably a good openside should almost spend as much time amid the opposition that he should be wearing the same colours, so a Lions ball adorned in black is perfect. A true black beauty of a ball and shows that Lions can look as good in black as New Zealanders. 

This British & Irish Lions classic ball is available in size 5, priced at £15.95. Click here


8. Number eight 

The big fella

Rhino British and Irish Lions Jumbo Ball

We all want the reassurance of knowing there's guy who means business locking up our scrum at the pack – and there's nobody better than Jumbo. The biggest Rhino ball of them all – big, yet surprisingly light, and still able to move around a fair bit. 

This British & Irish Lions jumbo ball is available for just £30. Click here


Rhino is the official supplier of all training and supporters balls to the 2017 British & Irish Lions, to view our full range of merchandise click here.

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