Rhino Rugby has announced a partnership with the University of Sheffield to conduct research into developing optimum performance rugby balls. The University project team will be led by Dr Matt Carr and Prof Roger Lewis, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, who have worked together on many projects related to hand-object interactions, including that applied to handling performance of rugby balls. Rhino Rugby League Managing Director Tony Colquitt said: "We are delighted to be working alongside Matt and his colleagues at the University of Sheffield. Rhino is known worldwide for its product innovation and quality. This research will complement our strategy of continuous improvement. We will also continue to test and ask for feedback from our customers, who are the elite players and teams across both codes of Rugby. There are exciting times ahead and I look forward to working with the University." Dr Matt Carr added: "Our experience in this field so far has shown that the interaction between the hands and a rugby ball in different play conditions can be very complex. We are excited by the challenge of assisting Rhino in their quest to further improve the playing quality of balls." Leading clubs and players have been involved in the design and testing process of the new Super League match ball.

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