Rhino took the opportunity today to host an Open Day at Rosslyn Park for our promotional products for corporate and fan engagement. With the Rugby World Cup countdown having started many corporates, facility managers and agencies are looking for activation ideas for events and Rhino has developed a range of products to address this need. In addition to our standard post pad and advertising wedge offering we now provide feather flags and an inventive range of promotional foam and PVC products. In addition we have developed a scrum competition machine and pass accuracy measuring device especially for ‘fan zone’ engagement. These products were all on display at Rosslyn Park’s Rhino-Turf Mini-Park installed last year. In addition we were pleased to demonstrate in the Rosslyn Park bar a mini-rugby post configuration for beer pumps we have developed together with Shepherd Neame.
Rhino’s range of advertising and fan engagement products on display on Rosslyn Park’s Rhino-Turf Mini Park.

Wandsworth-20140910-00212 Wandsworth-20140910-00214

Rhino’s posts and pads beer pump configuration.

Giles Hilton of Shepherd Neame with a new outdoor post and pads based advertising feature.