staff of Repton CollegeStaff of Repton College in Dubai with their Rhino Powerhouse scrum machine.

Rhino have launched a search for the clubs withthe oldest Powerhouse scrum machines which are still in use.The Rhino Powerhouse was developed in the late 70s and early 80s and was the world’s first mass produced scrum machine. The competition is open to every club around the world with 12 prizes to give away.

A venerable Powerhouse has been recently spotted in Dubai and another has been in use at the University of Cape Town since 1981! Do you think you can beat that date?

The entry requirement is simple, a photo of the scrum machine in question with the name of the club and the date it was bought. The oldest gains an amazing first prize of 8m x 20m of Rhino-Turf VT60 for a special scrummaging area, so you don't have to churn up your pitch during training any more.

There are 11 second prizes up for grabs too, a Rhino match ball, so even if your beaten by a true dinosaur of the scrummaging world there's still a chance to snap up a little something. To enter send your photo, club and the date of your machine's purchase to with powerhouse competition as the subject.
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