FSR in S.A. Rhino has joined the newly-formed 'Fans' Social Responsibility Partnership' (FSRP), alongside other benefactors in supporting a grassroots rugby initiative in the Orange Farm Township near Soweto in South Africa. FSRP is the brainchild of Adrian Walton of Old Blues RFC, who was educated in South Africa - it aims to encourage rugby fans to take responsibility for the development of participation in the game in lesser privileged communities by providing the option to add a small sum to the cost of a ticket, be it for major international matches or otherwise. Whilst not strictly limited to beneficiaries in South Africa, the launch event was at Masibambane College, where following funding by HSBC of the turfing of a multi-purpose pitch which was opened by the Lions management and squad during the tour, a training day was held for 70 local children immediately before the 3rd Test in Johannesburg. Reg Clark and Peter Urey of Rhino were delighted to be able to participate in this inaugural event using Rhino equipment supplied to FSRP and brought over by them. It was an inspiring and moving occasion - Rhino is pleased to pay tribute to the efforts of Adrian and his colleagues and we are committed to continuing our support for FSRP generally and this initiative in particular. Pieter Steyn, the Headmaster of the College commented: 'FSRP's vision in initiating a programme to complement the generosity of our other benefactors such as HSBC will leave a legacy for future generations both at Masibambane and the Orange Farm Community, and will benefit many children in the future'. FSRP2 FSRP