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Adult Performance Headguard

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  • Accurate foam moulding retains head guard shape and durability for longer use
  • Seamless injection moulding of premium foam padding ensures exceptional levels of comfort
  • Shape and cut of head guard maximises peripheral vision and offers unrestricted views during a game or training session
  • Latest fabric technology wicks moisture away from skin to provide additional comfort and performance
  • Exceptionable breathability achieved with laser perforation around the jaw and ears which improves audible communication on the field of play
  • Unique chin strap gives increased comfort
  • The Rhino performance head guard, approved by World Rugby, is a professional-grade rugby garment, designed using premium, ultra- lightweight flexible foam and constructed to ensure comfort. A unique air-circulation system delivers superb breathability and maximises audible communication while the shape of the garment offers unrestricted vision 

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