Rhino DT-9 (LED-8) Mobile Lighting Tower


If you're looking for an advanced, industry-suited, extra fuel efficient mobile diesel lighting tower, our DT-9 (LED-8) has everything you need. 


• Including an MHM Dusk ‘til Dawn Auto Start/Stop sensor, allowing the lighting tower to automatically start and stop the engine and lights from Dusk ‘til Dawn completely unmanned

• 8 x 160W LED heads mounted on 4 x fully adjustable 360° swivel and tilt bracket with 2 x LED heads per bracket

• AMOS system (Automatic Mast Operating Safety system), this prevents towing of the machine when the mast is upright and prevents mast being erected without the handbrake being on

• 9m vertical stainless steel electric hydraulic mast

• 5,000m2 light coverage

• ECO friendly

• 30 day run time