Rhino Hit 360 Contact Shield


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British-flag   MADE IN THE UK

HIT 360™ is a range of new and innovative rugby Tackle Bags and Contact Shields.

These unique patented products ensure correct tackling technique by highlighting the correct HIT ZONES™ to users. The HIT ZONES™ signpost both Legal and Safe tackle heights as well as ensuring and encouraging correct tackling technique. The range will become a tool to help prevent injuries and promote player safety which is a huge talking point in the game at the moment


  • Does Not deliver success regardless of poor technique.
  • Lowers the tackling height and improves tackling technique.
  • Develops a Heads up Approach to tackling
  • Is an Anti-Cheat Mechanism.
  • Ensures more Accurate and Precise technique.
  • Avoids Superman Syndrome.
  • 69 x 46 x 40cm
  • 4 kilos