Rhino Collision King Multi Skills Tackle Bag


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British-flag   MADE IN THE UK
  • Durable and strong rugby tackle bag with one-year guarantee, covered in PVC for ultimate reliability
  • Can be used to coach multiple movements with one rugby tackle bag, ensuring best technique 
  • Dimensions (senior): 450mm (d) x 1600mm (h)
  • Dimensions (junior): 350mm (d) x 1200mm (h)


"Richie Gray (GSI) has quite simply changed, globally, the way the player prepares and trains for the contact and collision situation within the modern game. The Collision King Multi-Skills Bag is an outstanding piece of equipment that will improve your technique and accuracy within the whole area of the tackle contest and attacking and defensive breakdown."

- Bismarck Du Plessis


"As coaches we must continually up-skill our players and make them technically better. The Multi-Skills Bag will take the Rugby tackle bag to the next level – one piece of technical training equipment with multiple training affects that both player and coach will enjoy working on in a safe and structured environment – it's a great addition to the full Collision King Technical Training Range."

- Richie Gray