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Ultimate Match & Training Ball Bundle


Rapide XV Training Ball

  • Hand stitched rugby ball with two-ply laminated construction and high-tech latex bladder
  • Exclusive RHINO embossed bold Pimple rugby ball grip pattern for maximum grip and best handling
  • Best rugby ball for school practicing in any conditions
  • X15 Rapide XV Training Balls in either Size 4 or 5

Comet XV Match Ball

  • Hand-stitched match rugby ball with in-seam valve for best pass and kick accuracy
  • Four-ply laminated construction of rugby ball rubber for maximum energy transfer during kicking, maintaining accuracy and speed
  • New Improved grip for best rugby ball handling
  • Size 4 weight: 400gms (+ or - 10gms)
  • Size 5 weight: 450gms (+ or - 10gms)
  • Free mesh ball bag
  • X5 Comet XV Match Balls in either Size 4 or 5
Comet XV Match Ball
Rapide XV Training Ball

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