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Rhino Collision King Grip and Rip Bag

  • Hand grips allow tackler to make tackle, get to their feet, and obtain strong arm/body position
  • Overhead strap designed for holding a ball, allowing for post-tackle steal
  • Low height of bag helps eradicates complacency in tackling form
  • Size of bag makes it ideal for teams with limited storage
  • Available in Senior and Junior sizes


The Grip and Rip Tackle Bag is an ideal tool for not only teaching a player how to tackle, but how to steal a ball after a tackle is completed. It's lower than normal height forces the tackler to lower their own body height, while the hand grips reinforce the tacklers necessity to quickly get to their feet and obtain a strong body position prior to the cleanout. Adding these two skills to your arsenal will increase your ability to earn a penalty, or better yet, steal the ball!



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