Rhino Collision King Grip and Rip Bag

$323.00 $387.00

British-flag   MADE IN THE UK

Available in senior and junior sizes

Our low-height tackle bag, the Rhino Collision King Grip and Rip Bag is specifically designed to improve tackle accuracy and enhance body placement during tackling.

The Rhino Collision King Grip and Rip Bag offers a unique approach to tackle training by focusing on the finer details of body placement, head placement, and grip. Its low-height design and four hand grips ensure players maintain the correct arm and body positioning while tackling, enabling them to quickly return to their feet post-tackle and minimise injury.


∙ Ideal for technical training sessions focusing on tackle accuracy

∙ Designed for enhanced body placement during tackling

∙ Four hand grips provide optimal arm and body positioning for tacklers

∙ Encourages players to return to their feet quickly post-tackle

∙ Trains proper head placement and grip during tackles