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The Collision King

  • The Rhino Collision King has been specifically engineered in an arrowhead design so if the player does not make contact with the "hit pad" in the correct technical position the impact will be lessened through the machine, encouraging players to make contact hindmost foot and hit square on is a key coaching point.
  • If the player makes contact with the hit pad at the side, the machine will slide away the player and in this way, the player will not get a direct impact on "contact-pad".
  • Dimensions: 200 (l) x 900 (w) x 870mm (h) 
  • Weight approximately: 90kg

Within the ever evolving game of Rugby Union, the game is constantly being developed to create a faster more dynamic form by law-makers, coaches and players. An area of the game which has become a major focal point within the evolving game is the "collision". The collision area is still one where most penalties occur - poor technique still prevails and if the game is to move forward, then this area must become technically more accurate and dynamic.

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