The Senior Collision King

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  • Durable and strong rugby tackle bag covered in PVC for ultimate reliability
  • Specifically-engineered rugby tackle bag encouraging best collision position, square-on to the pad
  • Trains best legal and effective technique when entering the contact area, by recreating real-world rugby positions and situations
  • Dimensions: 200 (l) x 900 (w) x 870mm (h) 
  • Weight: Approx. 90kg

Within the ever evolving game of Rugby Union, the game is constantly being developed to create a faster more dynamic form of rugby by law-makers, coaches and players. An area which has become a major focal point within the evolving game of rugby is the "collision". The collision area is still one where most penalties occur - poor technique still prevails and if the rugby is to move forward, then this area must become technically more accurate and dynamic.



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